Kayak Travel Covers

Kayak Travel Covers Whitewater Designs Kayak Travel Covers are heavy-duty, versatile, and are excellent for travel protection. Sized to fit most kayaks from 12' to 18'6"
  • made of 6.5 oz silver-colored, vinyl-coated polyester, they are waterproof, wind- and abrasion-resistant
  • heavy-duty zipper runs at least 2/3 of the length of the cover
  • three sets of red web straps around the cover with quick-release buckles and adjusters to pull the cover tightly around the boat
  • loops on the straps to hang the kayak in the proper position for storage
  • handle loops at each end facilitate lifting
  • provisions at the rear of the cover accommodate a rudder
  • See our #850 Bow & Stern Tie-Down Kit under "Miscellaneous"
    Do not use for storage unless under completely dry conditions