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#CS-F2 : Canoe Storage Cover (17'-6" x 38")

#CS-F2 : Canoe Storage Cover (17'-6
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#CS-F2 : Canoe Storage Cover (17'-6 #CS-F2 : Canoe Storage Cover (17'-6

We believe that DuPont Tyvek is the best material available for this application. DuPont Tyvek is a non-Woven olefin that is virtually waterproof yet still breathes. It is the only material available for making affordable canoe convers that combines these two characteristics. It will keep out the finest dirt and dust particles to protect the surface of a canoe from scratches and abrasion. Naturally white, DuPont Tyvek will keep the surface of the canoe cool while blocking out 99.8% of the sun's damaging UV.

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