Cam Buckle Straps

What makes our straps DIFFERENT, makes our straps BETTER. No More Guessing! We've made it even easier to grab the right strap! If you're guessing the length, you're buying the wrong strap!

In addition to our innovation of stamping the size of the strap on both sides of the buckle, the standard 600 series polypro straps have the length of the strap woven right into the webbing! No matter where you grab it, you'll know the length of your strap!

Anything secured with our Cam Buckle Strap is snug, because pulling on the free end of the strap cinches it. As pressure is added to the strap by a load, the teeth-lined cam buckle grips tighter. Ratings list below.

Cam Buckle Straps do NOT come with Buckle Pads. You can order Buckle Pads below in bundles of 10 or individually. 

Please call for information regarding custom-woven webbing.
Cam Buckles
1 Inch Polypro Strap & Buckle
Rated at 800 lbs.

1 Inch Nylon Strap & Buckle
700 series rated at 3200 lbs 
and 900 series rated at 2500 lbs.
1 Inch Polyester Strap & Buckle

Rated at 3200 lbs.


1.5 Inch Polypro Strap & Buckle

Rated at 1200 lbs.

Cam Buckle Pads